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Range check 3.3.5 Proof of concept code – AVR style.

July 5th, 2010 No comments


– Range setting taken from DBM /range – need to set it first.
– Friendly nameplates and overlapping nameplates has to be enabled for this to work, however there is a code that tries to hide everything, but name.

For those who will QQ that blizz will now break something else because of this – I believe that having an opportunity for the addon to exist only means that someone will eventually use it and keep it private to gain advantage over those who can’t make their own version, therefore releasing this to keep the balance of the force.

Everyone is free to to improve it and add some boss mods.

I’d be happy if someone would just write functions to determine Camera position from 2+ friendly nameplates on screen and make AVR work again.
I realized I don’t remember math that well anymore and it might take me few days to get back on track with those matrix transformations >:(

p.s. Code is a quick hack, so it is probably messy. There is no OnUpdate throttling – it doesn’t seem to affect my fps even in raids, cba.

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eScan – AH full scan dump addon and Sed parser

May 23rd, 2009 No comments

Just a proof of concept:
eScan package

How to use:

  1. eScan to Interface/Addons/
  2. Log into WoW
  3. open AH window
  4. type “/script eScan()” or just start auctioneer full scan
  5. wait for it to print “Done”
  6. exit game
  7. copy file “[path to WoW]\WTF\Account\[account name]\SavedVariables\eScan.lua” to “sed_script” folder
  8. run parse.bat (tested with Sed 4.2, included)
  9. open one of the csv files created:
    output.csv (comma separated)
    output2.csv (semicolon)
    (in locales where the comma is used as a decimal point, the semicolon is used instead as a delimiter in csv files)

p.s. Gold number format in Excel would be “#\g 00s 00c;;”

eKick interrupt tracker

May 12th, 2009 No comments

I’ve coded and used this since RoS encounter in TBC, since we kinda need it for Vezax, here it is: eKick 0.8b

There is some options in blizz config menu – don’t everyone put announce on to avoid spam in party chat (called emote in options, in fact spams to party)

When someone uses interrupt spell Рbars will appear. Green = ready. Blue = landed, interrupted. Yellow = missed. Red = pool energy, cd ready soon (3 sec)

Alt-Click will let you move it around your screen. Alt-Right click hides it (until next interrupt).

Bars disappear after 30 secs of inactivity(but Earth shock can be annoying for Shamans).

No way to disable it atm since I don’t mind it usually. You can disable it from addon options – uncheck enabled.

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