Range check 3.3.5 Proof of concept code – AVR style.


– Range setting taken from DBM /range – need to set it first.
– Friendly nameplates and overlapping nameplates has to be enabled for this to work, however there is a code that tries to hide everything, but name.

For those who will QQ that blizz will now break something else because of this – I believe that having an opportunity for the addon to exist only means that someone will eventually use it and keep it private to gain advantage over those who can’t make their own version, therefore releasing this to keep the balance of the force.

Everyone is free to to improve it and add some boss mods.

I’d be happy if someone would just write functions to determine Camera position from 2+ friendly nameplates on screen and make AVR work again.
I realized I don’t remember math that well anymore and it might take me few days to get back on track with those matrix transformations >:(

p.s. Code is a quick hack, so it is probably messy. There is no OnUpdate throttling – it doesn’t seem to affect my fps even in raids, cba.

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