Firefox Android proxy pac

Reminder to myself on how to enable proxy autoconfig on android firefox in about:config:

Set network.proxy.autoconfig_url to a proxy.pac url

Set network.proxy.type = 2


Win7 Activation

Looks like MS deployed some patch today (KB971033 it seems) that fixed windows activation with loader. This gets you back in action:

Remi Gaillard

I was bored at work looking what to do I’ve noticed a friend of mine staring at his screen and couldn’t stop giggling. He pointed me to this guy and his videos.

A compilation to get an idea, but I strongly suggest watching other ones:

Onyxia returns & Wipe Club oldschool stuff

Since blizzard announced Onyxia return in patch 3.2.2, we was discussing it in a guild chat and someone wondered how many “minus 50 dkp” related achievements will be there. I’ve looked around my PC and found the original mp3 and some other Wipe Club stuff.

If someone is intrested to read about Wipe Club and the guy leading raids – here is a nice story. Enjoy!


Onyxia wipe original
Lava pack wipe
Raggy does Wipe Club
Dives style
Onyxia wipe inspired remix
Gademis does Wipe Club
Gademis part 2 – explanation